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  1. Published in 1847, WUTHERING HEIGHTS was not well received by... literature. Even so, WUTHERING HEIGHTS continues to divide readers...

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  2. ok,youvery mach you goto my+ you 2010-03-12 18:51:11 補充: no i dont no

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  3. "wondered how anyone could ever imagine unquiet rest for the sleepers in that quiet earth" : "令人懷疑到一個睡眠者怎能不平靜地休息在那安靜的地方。"

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  4. go to this website: then search for wuthering heights , you will get what you want~ hope this helps!

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  5. was hard with = 因結霜而變得堅硬了 beacuse the wuthering height 's english is' old english'. nowadays people won't use the sentence or phrase from wuthering height or pride and prejudice such book cause it is out-dated.

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  6. ...'s why I am here, sir! 3. Have you read Wuthering Heights ? 4. After he waited for her for three hours he finally...

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  7. ... Kidnapped at Birth - Louis Sachar Wuthering Height - Emily Bronte

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  8. That is great! My list is quite long though... but here are some of my favorites - Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen...

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