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  1. ...jpg "Why is a raven like a writing desk ?" ("為什麼烏鴉會像書桌?") 出自於... Carroll 所說,烏鴉跟書桌( writing desk )有什麼關係呢? 第一,烏鴉(raven)會發出音調...

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  2. Why is a raven like a writing desk ?原文如下: "Have you guessed the riddle yet?" the ...

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  3. 原文:Why is a raven like a writing desk ? 圖片參考:

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  4. ... just to use "present passive tense". The entire sentence can be re- written as: These desks which are left in the hall must be removed soon. Again ...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2011年11月23日

  5. ... writing - desk /11.html

  6. ... of a flat, smooth top supported by legs 桌子;台子 Desk 1. a frame or table for reading or writing upon 書桌;寫字台 2. a table or stand to hold that from which one reads or...

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  7. ...tbn:hfxIqOGhTNxhKM: writing _ desk ..jpg 對比東方~ 就是如同山水畫的留白~ 圖片參考:

  8. ...very fresh. 3.正在書桌那兒寫字的男孩是我弟弟 The boy who is writing at the desk is my brother. = The boy writing at the desk ...

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  9. ...fall或falling fall表示你看到的結果,falling表示你剛好看到過程 5. written 過去分詞--"被"用英文寫成的書 6.crouching,hidden...

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  10. stationary(= writing materials) is common collective nouns,not in eg. uncountable nouns always, luggage, rubbish, bread.,not in eg. B:- There are ( an eraser and a ruler) on the desk .

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