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  1. - Kelly won first place because of her hard work . 也可改為:- Kelly won first place due to her hard work .- Kelly won first place as a result of her hard work .

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  2. ...problem may be resolved by itself, as the fuel addictive is still working for you.

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  3. ...not got any friend like you. ----You haven't got to go to work today/ ----Have you got a cold now ? ----Have you all got...

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  4. ...英文翻譯 並且用英文解釋. Giving an explanation of how the English works is not necessary as everything explains itself:-eg:- (1)It...

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  5. ... at what I saw. 4. Having done my work , I have nothing to do now. 5. Having nothing to do, I went...

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  6. ... is where we used to play. (where=the place where) He works three miles from where he lives.

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  7. ... new office is 2 floors below yours. We'll be working in the same building ! Jessica:-No way ! What a lovely...

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  8. ... course I do!’   例2. ‘I hope this idea of yours works .’ ‘Course it’ll work .’ 釋義4. spoken used to show that...

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  9. ... me while I am concentrating on my work . [這句中的ridiculous不是指荒謬,而是指"胡鬧"]

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  10. 是這個嗎? https://lm. works /portfolio/fate-hollow-ataraxia/