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  1. ... dare steep 又膽敢將汝駭人之肋骨 In the well of sanguine woe ? 浸濡了井中之血苦? In what clay and in what mould...

  2. The Who- Behind Blue Eyes Lyric

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  3. >lackluster enforcement 是因為「因草率立的法,無法有效執行」的意思嗎? Lackluster = lack + luster = 沒有實質(的) (adj, noun) Lackluster enforcement = 敷衍草率表面的執行. 置於是不是因為法律品質的缺失,就要從上下文來看了. 說真的,你醬的單字學習法真是好.可以用來...

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  4. 是這首嗎?? The Ready Set - Love Like Woe 2014-06-05 00:48:00 補充: The Ready Set - Love Like Woe

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  5. ... there's no one I want to take me for their petty little woes 但沒有任何一個,是我會把我當成他們瑣碎的小問題 I used to...

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  6. ... nights on my soul! I deny failure! I ignite! Woe is on my misery, She wins all their eyes...

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  7. 비애 Woe - 사랑에 빠졌어 I'm in love 以上提供給你參考。 圖片參考: 圖片參考:

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  8. .... Take to the sky like a big blue kite, leave your woes behind. Close my eyes. Try to remember what you said...

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  9. 歌手:The Ready Set 歌名:Love Like Woe MV: 音樂: (附有歌詞影片) 聽聽看是否試你要的歌=))

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  10. torpedoes, woes , aloes, heroes, hoes, buffaloes, dildoes, echoes, negroes, zeroes...

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