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  1. 提款收據 在銀行,取款條是一張紙條,顯示帳號和金額從一個帳戶撤回。 櫃員使用此單驗證信息,並從該賬戶取出資金。

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  2. 翻成「社會退縮」就可以了,因為「社交恐懼」是程度劇烈許多的詞。 原文大意是說在高度工作負擔後在家的互動行為較少,短期的好處是可以緩衝把負向情緒感染給家人。所以用「社會退縮」就可以了。

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  3. ... incorrect to use withdraw as a noun indeed. It should have been " withdrawal ". Also, "drug withdrawal " should be enough. The word "abuse...

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  4. of federal taxes.  However, the government could start to tax withdrawals in two thousand eleven if Congress does not change the law. 

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  5. Credit Facility-信用能力(就是我們說的「信用狀況」) Withdrawal -撤回(不通過的意思)

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  6. How do you make a withdrawal from the ATM machine? -First you insert your ATM card into...

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  7. 暫時收兵,如含有撤退之意時。 名詞可用:temporary withdrawal 或 temporary retreat. 動詞可用:to temporarily withdraw (必要時+ from)或 to withdraw temporarily...

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  8. [提款] withdrawal [跨行轉帳]interbank (fund) transfer [餘額查詢]check balance[轉帳(動詞和名詞)] transter...

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  9. ...服務項目Please choose a transaction slect services foundation. 提款(cash) withdrawal 餘額查詢 Balance inquiry 請輸入提款金額 Please enter withdrawal amount...

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  10. 供您參考,希望有幫助^^ Withdrawal of funds to a bank account is only possible if the account was deposited by bank transfer 如果透過銀行轉帳存款,才有辦法提領現金

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