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  1. At least the International Olympic Committee should have nothing more to do with it . 碼, 國際奧委會對此事己無計可施. nothing more to do with it = Can do nothing about it .

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  2. ... around the station looking for her lost bag like a chicken with its head cut off. Finding himself free from the heavy shackles, he...

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  3. ...we pressed on regardless. The government is pressing ahead with its plans to reorganize the health service.

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  4. ...因為呢度個 Subject 係 It It was the same with Jonny. It 呢度嘅意思 = going to the bookstore and not buying any booksIt...

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  5. I think your hand smells fishy, is there any chance you scratched your crotch and did not wash your hands? So, the cat actually loves you because cats like fishy stuff.

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  6. Of course yes . You can go to some search engines to search [Download Windows XP] .

  7. ... some confusion on who is who. “but she was not happy with it ” – the “she” here should be Judy Allen, right...

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  8. games do more harm than good to teenagers. Do you agree with it ? I agree playing computer or video games do more harm than good...

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  9. ... of one kind come together. Like attracts like. I agree with it in a large extent. ‧ o‧●╔╦╗ ╔╦╗ ╔╦╗ ╔╦╗○‧o‧ ‧o‧○╠希...

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  10. It All Begins With Love 一切由愛開始/愛讓一切開始 以下係歌詞,我唔貼啦,因為...

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