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  1. ... another long-accepted definition of service is to copulate with . It usually applies to the role of males in animal breeding.  依照...

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  2. the character, appearance, famous , importance, or job-position of Bruce.(to be with her,Helen) (b) It is (not Bruce) who was with her =who she was with ...

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  3. Apple devices depends on Apple ID to lock. Once the device has been factory reset, there is no way to lock it unless a new Apple ID is associated with the device.

  4. ... is not necessary as everything explains itself :-eg:- (1) It 's sentimental to catch a glimpse"of her",. (2)not necessarily (adv) might have to meet; (3)meeting by chance with "love" but without an experience.

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  5. ... A:-This is the intellectual tour-trip you signed up with the office of 101 high-rise building.. B:-Sure not--; it 's haunted up!!!.When&where shall we go to Taichung...

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