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  1. 「現在簡單式」的action verb所述永遠為真,所以你可以說: I don't use a cellphone on the plane.因為我可以為自己的行為做承諾:過去、現在、未來,我都不會發生這樣的行為。(timeless present) 但不能為you說,因為在邏輯上,你不能為別人做「現在或未來」承諾。

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  2. 分別把”The first person to use “ 和 “The first person who uses” 丟到紐約時報搜尋(號稱正統英文權威 – 不要再丟Yahoo – 小心搜尋到爛英文),前者搜尋結果是51,後者是0。 就文法上(我不懂) – 但我用感覺,既然已用了 The...

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  3. 1.equipped 2.will 3.theme, not tale 4.monuments 5.arrival 6.recovered,not remembered 7.dedicated 8.technological (advances),not technical

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  4. I have won the battle field=field =the battle of life =victory and success; =The battle is to the strong =The strong are likely to win =You won the battle and got the day =brings likehood of success.

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  5. (1)A considered (2)A hadn't left---->wouldn't have missed (3)D in (4)C increase (5)B since (6)C around (7)A past participle (8)C extensive (9)C After (10)B driving, gerund

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  6. ...which is always with the guests we are trusting each other, win - win If you have any comments, please feel free to contact us.

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  7. ...and that is my favorite ballgame and as the result, I had won some scores. As my own character is rather outward type with...

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  8. ...說明前面的形容詞: (1) She considered herself lucky that she won the lottery. that 子句補充說明「幸運」的是「她彩券中獎」。 (2) l feel happy...

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