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  1. whipped cream 是奶油的一種,俗稱 “生奶油”。根據奶油中的脂肪含量:在美國,奶油..., coffee, or table cream (18–30% 脂肪) Medium cream (25% 脂肪) Whipping or light whipping cream (30–36% 脂肪) Heavy or heavy whipping ...

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  2. whip 是有手柄的皮鞭子或繩鞭子, whip 綁的那條鞭人或動物的長皮條,叫做 lash。所以 cowboys... two lashes. 大多數學生那天早上都挨了兩皮鞭。 whip 種類很多,美國趕牛群的 cowboys 專門拿來趕牛的 whip ...

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  3. what is "cracking the whip " ---- Here is how the online dictionary Meriamwebster..., like Exodus) in which big, big guys wielded whips in a menacing manner to get hard-working labourers to work...

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  4. "pussy- whipped " - from "", it is ...prospect of sex"因為他想與她發生性關係, 因此男性被女性掌控 pussy = 女性陰部 whipped = 被鞭打 典故? 自己想

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  5. whipping out 有橫掃, 大或全勝的意思. 比如說 My team is going to...

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  6. 考試考不及格 老師就會說 It's butt- whipping time. 打屁股的時間到了

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  7. non-dairy cream ph. (片語 phrase) 合成奶油(不含牛奶的) whipping cream ph. (片語 phrase) 可打稠製作摜奶油的奶油 <<名詞>> 發泡用生奶 乳脂肪含量高

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  8. ...中杯 / 大杯 / 特大杯 Organic milk 有機牛奶 whipped cream/light whip /half foam 鮮奶油 / 低脂鮮奶油 / 半奶泡...most other things don't. If you really want whip , or really don't, make sure to tell the barista when you...

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  9. 如果是發泡奶油(用在蛋糕上的那種奶油)應該是 Whipping Cream

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  10. ...也幫忙解釋一下"Wiping sauce" 與其他單字的關係!!謝謝阿~ 是 whipping sauce ? 2011-02-19 09:18:06 補充: jelly 定義 水果煮糖做成凝膠狀略具彈性之...

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