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  1. tell me your story. = You broke your trunk while you were running to tell me your story. 前者用的是...

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  2. I have just been here, take leave for a while since, and come back present.

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  3. ...是影子。朋友,是在最後可以給你力量的人。 3.Love is a lamp, while friendship is the shadow. When the lamp is off,you will find the...

  4. 下面的四個網址都可以點進去看哦 while -you-were-sleeping/當你沉睡時.html

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  5. ... v1 and v2 be the initial velocities of ball 1 and ball 2 respectively, While t1 and t2 be the times of ball 1 and ball 2 to return the ground respectively...

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  6. ...english-chinese-traditional/way 這裡有個相同的問題 It turns out that while the US is totally out of whack, things are actually way...

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  7. 百分簡易. 原句=... the global economy ((that) it helped (to) create) continues. 醬子,你看懂了嗎? 說說妳的看法,我再回應.

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