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  1. ...there~the teachers are gd n the materials are gd as well n if yr English is gd, it will definitely be an advantage the ...

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  2. chick jokes = chicken jokes = chicken-related jokes = jokes dedicated to chickens, hens, roosters, turkey,pheasant, etc , sometimes with other animals 與雞(小雞,公雞, 母雞, 火雞, 山雞等) 或雞與一些其他動物有關的攪...

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  3. 咁樣講會唔會好D: I will do my best to provide the best service to you

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  4. Co-education is better . (1) provide better social gathering opportunity (2) competition between both sex (3) can handle with opposite sex easier after entering into university

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  5. and (make) the (submission) (date) as soon (as possible). We will try our best to provide the sample earlier.

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  6. It's obvious that British Council is much better . It provides a variety of course to different people; based on your language level, you...

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  7. ... the suggestion. " Dear boss, I know you treat me well and provide enough chance for me such as joining some trips to increase ...

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  8. can " provide sb with sth" mean "提供 sth to sb " as well ? - Yes

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2008年07月21日

  9. ... exported to other countries. Denmark is well provided with traffic systems. The road network is good everywhere in the...

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  10. ... you come from? - How old are you sir / madam (i bet you better provide several options: 18 - 25, 25-35, 40 or above, something like that) 2....

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