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  1. ...英皇 has a lot of activities,diversification.So英皇is better . Hope I can help you.^^ 張祝珊係男女校,英皇係男校,咁就要睇你...

  2. Primary Longman Express(很多小學名校都用它)

  3. 如果你想玩好它,你應該知道規則 然後輸入棋名, 如 chess, monopoly, chinese chess, go 等等, 入面都有講到rules. 這是一個網站可以玩 Chinese...

  4. Here is another translation for your consideration. Hope you will use it.:) The school is organising an exchange student program, and is requesting all students who take design to go to Shanghai, to study at a local design school...

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  5. I did not know that I could hurt so much, But I really do want to see you so depressed and cannot sleep. I feel depressed too when I see you like that! Could you try not to think about me? I really do not want you to be...

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  6. mong kok 雀仔street 應該比較多 鸚 鵡 的必需品 係咪the best 就唔知

  7. 百分比(符號為%)是一種表達比例,比率或分數數值的方法,使用100作為分母。舉例如1%,即代表百分之一,或1/100或0.01,而82%,即代表百分之82,或82/100或0.82。百分比的英文名稱是percent,故又譯巴仙。臺灣則慣稱趴,係取自日語「パーセント」(pāsento)之省称。Percent原自...

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  8. 嗯...我覺得如果你唔怕辛苦既話可以讀庇利羅士女子中學 或者聖士提反女子中學, 英華女學校, 不過呢, 嘉諾撒聖心書院都唔錯, 比較容易d上手, 當然, 你簡得呢4間學校, 你既英文都要好好先入啊. 1. 庇利羅士女子中學 2. 英華女學校 3. 聖士提反女子中學 4. 嘉諾撒聖心書院

  9. Thank you very much for your kindness. I wish you everything the best . Please feel free to contact me!

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  10. ... a little more 要學會更加善待我自己 Treat ourself better a little more 為你我變成了 Better me So we all become a...

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