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  1. 寫的很好。 其他類似的字眼: poorly written (寫的很爛 = wrote poorly)、 well -done (做的很好 = did well )、 well executed (執行的很好 = executed well )、

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  2. 1.Large lift a pack 2.The last hair tail outside raises the fringe of well - executed dissymmetry

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  3. 1. The white, REFLECTIVE LETTERS - 白色反光字樣 2. entry into the PANTHEON of iconic brands. 列入歷史上最成功,偶像級的廠牌/名牌 Pantheon = 古羅馬的萬神殿, 使用這裡指高高在上, 牌子偉大到可以供在殿裡崇拜的意思 3. The...

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  4. market order市價單或市價委託單:以市場價格成交,成交順位最優先的單子(即不事先設定成交價,訂單順序越前面就越早在交易廳成交,訂單順序越後面就越晚在交易廳成交。就像領獎品要抽號碼牌,要早排到越早領到獎品,但不確定是領到沐浴乳還是電視機) trading pit交易廳 這...

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  5. 這實驗研究檢查怎樣那些3 尺寸的公正的(分發,過程和interactional)影響過程attributional 消費者, 在不對消費者與貨幣原值有關的服務失敗上下文過程中的他們的恢復後滿意和行為的回應(repatronage 目的和負的口頭傳播)。 我們結果表明那痊愈結果( 例如補償),程式( 例如速度回收)和interactional...

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  6. (3) better :- (1)Relevant personnel (2)have completed the personnel qualification certification; (3)based on SOP;--------(not according to the) (4)prior to executing the task.

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  7. ...will give me a chance of working inyour company. I will do my best with determinationto execute the orders the company gives me. I am fully ...

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  8. Receiving the manager's trust, because of the well adaption, execution and responsibility.

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  9. ...if possible, please grant me a chance for an interview. I would try my best to fulfill your expectation after joining your team. 2010-03-23...

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  10. ... of how Dr. Guillotine was executed by the instrument he invented--"車秋...爵士:「他不是這樣死的。」Churchill: " Well , he ought to have been."車秋:「喔,那...

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