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  1. 我不認為喔"both collars weigh 0.75 lb"是兩個各重 零點七五磅兩者相加為0.75 lb通常會用 together both collars weigh 0.75 lb  或both collars weigh 0.75 lb altogether比較清楚

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  2. ...出現依循實際理論的考量和認知的重整而和解的情況 "following the weighing up of...."這一整句是解釋 reconcile的發生

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  3. ...應該重修文法課程!! How much ______ the box _______ ? (A)is, weigh ← 錯誤. is與 weigh 都是動詞, 這可不行, 一山不容二虎囉! (B)...49:32 補充: Sorry typo → it should read: How much do you weigh ?

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  4. ...句話原本是這樣的: Large rocks which weighs several tons, along with boats and other debris...則因時態與主要子句的動詞 can 不一致而慘遭淘汰。 weighed 是過去式,can 是現在式。 3. 時態、不定詞、分詞...

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  5. 1.你的體重有多重? How much do you weigh ? 2.他的體重有多重? How much does he weigh ? 3.約翰你的體重有多重...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年06月24日

  6. ...壓力的壓力計inlet-入口;通道sliding scale-計算尺;應增減對照表;順應率 weighing bottle-稱量瓶teclu burnerbench torch-彎曲吹管ring(retort ring)-曲頸瓶環pipe clay triangle...

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  7. Chinese weigh a filial morality, stress discarding the old and ushering in the new...

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  8. ...listen to music.我愛聽音樂。 27.lazy 懶惰的 Don’t be lazy!別懶惰了! 28. weigh 有…多重 How much do you weigh ?你體重是多少? ^o^"

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  9. .... They are about 1.5 metres tall. Pandas weigh 120 kilograms. They are black and white. They eat...

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  10. With a built-in handle and weighing only 20 pounds, Buoy is designed to go wherever you...

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