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  1. 活潑 vivid, vivacious , lively    She was young and vivacious . 欠扁 annoying 英文沒有欠扁的字、這是意思最相近的    He s very annoying! 熱心 warmhearted    She s a warmhearted old lady.

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  2. Lively Vivacious Spirited Energetic

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  3. ... four years, Cupid has grown up, his vivacious saying: "Aunt ~ Aunt ~ here green and glossy ~ good attractive...

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  4. Zhuang, which wasn't docile like Dan, was very happy and vivacious , and he walked fast and gamboled. 先要指出which是錯誤的, 用於人...

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  5. ... am XX years old. My characteristic is vivacious ..... Listening music and reading are my favorites...

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  6. ...嫵媚的 beautiful 美麗的 lovely 美麗的 outgoing 外向的 active 活躍的.有活動力的 vivacious 活潑的.有生氣的 vivid 活潑的.生動的 lively 活潑的.活躍的.生氣勃勃的... sprightly...

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  7. 個性 ambitious demure dominant eloquent exuberant hysterical homely humorous naïve nonchalant precocious sarcastic sensitive vivacious 心情 agitated ambivalent depressed gloomy jovial lackadaisical livid lovestruck morose

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  8. ...and spoiled from childhood, weak and sickly and boy Colin and artless and vivacious to full of boy Dickon of confidence in Mr that give oneself...

  9. ... utilization of some multimedia techniques will make the website more vivacious .

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  10. ..., looking idiosyncratic very much. She is extremely intelligent, vivacious and independent; she likes playing everywhere and makes friends...

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