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  1. ... Terms. 請重讀facebook條款. You should be able to visit this page again in a few hours . 您可以再幾個小時內重新進入此網站. 這是小弟自己翻的= = 請笑納~

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  2. ...有哪些? 3.What kind of websites do yo visit when you are surfing the net? 你上網的時候...是電腦專家還是沉迷於玩電腦的人? 5.How many hours per week do you spend on the computer? 你一個禮拜花幾...

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  3. ...skirt every day. 2. Decorating the living room only cost Andy 2 hours . 3. It is terrible for Lily to touch the dog. 4. I want...

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  4. ... catching up with you a few hours ago. 這句的enjoy本身是動詞,且時態為過去式... forward to seeing you soon and visiting . 這句代表時態為現在進行式,所以加am。

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  5. ... Space Center門票41元 visit -us-admission- hours .aspx Sea world 和 Busch Gardens 兩園網路門票109元 http...

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  6. visit

  7. ...25 第2小題 ans 111 第6題 Sandy is going to visit her grandmother next Satuyday. 第7題 There were basketball...

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  8. will remain open for 30 minutes,after regular museum hours . 為提供您方便,小吃部與禮品店在正常博物館營業時間...have enjoyed the exhibit and that you will come back and visit us again very soon. 我希望您喜愛此展覽,並希望...

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  9. ...獲悉以及欣賞郊區的故宮博物院展示會. (Recently I spent over three hours looking, reading and enjoying the exhibits at the...

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  10. 1.stopped 2.have spoken 3.had written 4.had spent 5.has taught 6.had gone 7.was reading 8.would visit 9.will come 10.gets 11.was late 12.Have eaten

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