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  1. to defeat; to beat; to conquer; to knock sb. sideways; to triumph over; to win a victory over

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  2. ... the crictical moment, he entered one final kick, that he got the victory with the whole team. He becomes famous because of this wonderful one kick...

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  3. pouting, frowning and sulking raising the symbol of victory

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  4. Plan needs action, I won't be shaken. Progress little by little, victory is mine eventually!

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  5. ...2. CHOLE The meaning of the name Chole is Victory Of The People. The origin of the name Chole...

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  6. ... always fascinating. With the gentle breeze and the tide, Victory Harbour is absolutely the best site to appreciate Hong...

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  7. ... Obama wins the election? Barack Obama's victory in the Iowa caucuses was driven by his support...

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  8. ... having are war witn Pirates.Last,they have a victory ,they living happy again.I think this book is very good,bacuse the...

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  9. ...的意思是勝利,現在你知道波鞋有甚麼意思吧。 Eunice 意思就是 good victory 。 Eunice 是新約聖經中提摩太的母親的名字。

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  10. ...039;s forest clearing Kinsey (KIN - see) = Royal victory 我覺得最尾的幾好 參考:

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