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  1. "To utter pleasant words without practicing them is like a fine...

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  2. 1. agnesb 的字典資料, utter 沒有一個是用在正面的。所以版主印象是對的。我們只說,"I ...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2011年07月24日

  3. ...這句為tell的受詞也就是名詞子句(that絕對不可以省) speak 說...語言 utter 發出什麼聲音/發音 例如 Hm. oops..ha等等 發母音子音 ...

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  4. Without uttering a word, he bought three bags of vegetable at a stretch. at a stretch: 一口氣。英文定義:continuously; without stopping

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  5. He utters a horrible sound. His mouth produces a horrifying sound. 隨便寫寫,僅供參考。

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  6. 一句說不出口的話 a comment difficult to utter 有句話我開不了口. There is a comment that I find difficult to utter . I have some words difficult to utter .

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  7. ...chapter4.htm 原文出自這裡 tell為告訴(一件事) tell 人 (that) S + V utter 為 發出...聲音 speak為說(語言) say 為 說(一段話) 所以要選says

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2007年04月19日

  8. ...只好無可奈何地說:「謝謝。」 He had no alternative other than to utter , "Thanks." He had no alternative but to say, "...

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  9. Russel Carrot sings and utter melodious sounds in musical succession while articulating words...

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  10. ... period. Whereas most OE literature seems to be uttered by a single aristocratic voice, grave and decorous, speaking in terms of high...

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