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  1. 你好: 是的, unusual 的第一個音節的發音是母音, 所以在前面的 the 的發音是(ㄌㄧ), 跟一般的念法不同,並不是一般的念法。

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  2. Sunday, 9 October 2005 from: BBC News Sunday, 9 October 2005 Tortoises attend Sunday service An African snail, dogs, cats and tortoises attended a special Sunday...

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  3. It was unusual , to say the least: threepeople together in one place, sharing the same heartbreaking...

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  4. 意思: 一點也不稀奇 造句: Seeing motorcycles parked in a disorderly fashion everywhere here in Taiwan, that's nothing unusual by me. 台灣到處機車停得亂七八糟, 這對我來說1一點也不見怪.

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  5. ...village代表花蓮或台東 你應該不會說: The scenery in this land is unusual ,so many visitors like to take a vacation here. 而是說: The scenery...

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  6. ...hold your hand? 我可以握住妳的手嗎? Should we get together under unusual judgment? 我們可以在不尋常的眼光下廝守在一起嗎? 原文有些部分經過修正...

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  7. The mergence of unusual skills generally followed rather than preceded a period during which unusual opportunities were provided. 不尋常技能之產生,一般是跟在非尋常機會發生之後,而非在其發生之前。

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  8. ...greet。ing 這是從greet演變而來 硬要說字根字首 就是greet加ing變名詞嚕 4. unusual 不尋常的 un。u。su。al usual是正常的意思 前面加了un代表"相反、負面...

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  9. Unusual use of the word "pet", indeed. 我想妳可能打錯了? 是不是"pat"? pat...

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  10. ...經常出現在新聞) Mickey "Mouse" has an unusual one. 米老鼠 有一個罕見的

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