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  1. Unusual use of the word "pet", indeed. 我想妳可能打錯了? 是不是"pat"? pat當動詞是輕輕地拍,通常是有友善...down in the airport. 她在機場被搜身安檢 若是妳沒用錯 pet也是可以作動詞(不過很少) 是"把...當作寵物"的 意思 不過妳要是用在"人"上面就有"控制"與"變態"的情結 要避免誤會要用: He (the...

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  2. NIMs 是一種正在研究中的材料 , 它具有負折射率的性質

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  3. 01. Unusual sound that there are the engine rooms before hearing the car after...sound after inquiring the car owner 03 when the compressor moves,have unusual [LA ] sound 04 judges that move badly and producing the different...

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  4. turn in : phrasal verb . a.(to go to your bed in order to sleep)上床睡覺 ex: He is turning in now = He is going to bed now or He is going to hit the bed now. b.(turn in obj, turn obj in =GIVE) 繳交某物or投案(turn sb in) ex 1: You...

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  5. stick out在此應解為 to be easy to notice or remember because of being unusual or different 譯為:因其特殊不同而引人注意或記住 A quote that stuck out to me while reading. 當我閱讀該文時,有句格言特別引起我的注意

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  6. ...investigator who researches and attempts to solve or find the cause of, unusual Internet occurrences.

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  7. 意思 : 一點也不稀奇 造句: Seeing motorcycles parked in a disorderly fashion everywhere here in Taiwan, that's nothing unusual by me. 台灣到處機車停得亂七八糟, 這對我來說1一點也不見怪.

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  8. ...列強 6 (國家, 政治團體, 類似團體的) 勢力 7 有說服力, 深刻 a novel of unusual power 一本極具說服力的小說 8 ((主美中南方)) 眾多 9 a. 動力 ...

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  9. ...application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information 微軟...

  10. ... Network for ratings purposes. While unusual , this is not new. Nickelodeon s Nick Jr. and...

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