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  1. Mr Clarke's insurance company had issued a summons for unpaid mortgage repayments. 克拉克先生的保險公司寄了一張傳票給他有關未付續期房貸

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  2. The unpaid wages of Party B will be settled immediately by ...of employment. 可以考慮上面的寫法。 因為私人公司的薪津通常是後給,所以應是 unpaid wages,而不是計算損益或利息以後的balance(餘額)。 2015-05-29 11:12...

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  3. 請問這句話如何翻譯?英翻中  Have you got maybe any bills unpaid ? ------------------------------------------------------------------- 答: 你是否有任何未付清的帳單?

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  4. ... boss insisted that his employers (should) take the unpaid leave. insist 這個動詞,後面所接的子句省略了should ,配合助動詞should...

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  5. ... Payable This is a friendly reminder of your unpaid payment. In our records indicated that you have not clear...

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  6. 供您參考: 留職停薪申請單 Application for Unpaid Leave 我xxx從2006年6月開始在xxxxxx公司服務,因將至美國進修,故將於2009...

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  7. "停薪留職"是有一個專用詞 " unpaid leave of absence"或簡單一點用" unpaid leave"也可以。

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  8. ... of Absence 留職停薪 Definition: 註解 An unpaid leave of absence is considered to be any authorized...

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  9. ...重要的(人事物), 以及 4. 未償還的意思 e.g. outstanding bills = unpaid bills

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  10. ...17 the dispute not be resolved, 勞資雙方尚未解決爭議Speaking of Unpaid -Holiday, . both of the Department of Labor and ...

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