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  1. be cast down--->was cast down--->a past participial phrase is used to imply the passive--->be depressed , discouraged, unhappy ,sad, downcasted (adj) of a person I--->was cast down (from Olympus).

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  2. a general feeling of being unhappy among the staffs of Co.; either econmic,financial, social malaise=malaise.

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  3. Unions unhappy as Hong Kong civil servants in line for pay rise of up to...

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  4. ... was to leave me with the impression that she was unhappy . Is there anything left ?(= past tense of leave.) What was...

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  5. 阿姐都係好後生啫,唔叫你做阿嬸算俾面你。

  6. cambridge online dictionary if hv smartphone 可下載有道詞典 hope i can help you :p

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  7. ...: I see. There’s no wonder why Carl looks so unhappy . I suggest (8) giving Carl support by (9) chatting with...

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  8. 選擇題…有幾難呢?可能係你理解英文的程度比問題低/或者識字少…要透多讀和估意思來訓練自己:以上簡略重點和答案選項的主旨讓你越過唔識英文字詞的障礙,但你要自己重看英文句加強組織理解力。1. 你用電腦和用軟件工作時會想電腦死機嗎? 我有辦法…Answer: 這句是 a.講...

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  9. ... Wong, a famous local designer, (1) recalled (recall) his unhappy experience in the public exam. "I (2) was (be) very nervous before the...

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  10. ...home. They are helpful.They make you happy when you are unhappy ... 幫你開頭,自己做 2014-09-11 19:19:54 補充: 寵物比你啲感覺係咩 忠誠...

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