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  1. unfavorable destiny unfavorable destiny 2006-02-11 19:00:46 補充: 我後來又去查了一些字悲舛的可以用:accursed, baleful, distressful, evil, fortuneless, hapless, ill-fated, luckless命運:destiny, fatebaleful不錯喔!! 既有悲傷又有不幸的意思不過我覺得用 ill fate就好了

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  2. 口語版: to struggle for life in an unfavorable environment (或 a difficult environment) 精要版: struggle/try to survive in adversity 求生存 = try to survive (適者生存 = the fittest survive) 逆境 = unfavorable /difficult environment = adversity (a state of hardship)

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  3. 為尋求建立良好的關係,只要是有關大眾或是處理不宜的問題,都會影響到公司的宣傳。 publicity (n.) 廣告, 出風頭, 宣傳 unfavorable (adj.) 不宜的, 不理想的 deal with (phr.) 處理

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  4. If you don t listen to the elders, you will be in an unfavorable situation. 吃虧 a disadvantage; in an unfavorable situation suffer losses; to get (or take) a beating

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  5. Homosexual movies present the unfavorable situation which homosexuality isdiscriminated from someone who is heterosexuality in initial...

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  6. ...順差是有利的,但出超過多,可能會引起國內通貨膨脹。與順差相對者為逆差( unfavorable balance)。**逆差 adverse balance of trade。deficit。passive balance。 unfavorable balance of trade...

  7. - -Zhang Qiu The China headmaster now Deng unfavorable more after finishing dessert, three witch use stratagems evaluation and...

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  8. ...順差是有利的,但出超過多,可能會 引起國內通貨膨脹。與順差相對者為逆差( unfavorable balance)。 **逆差 adverse balance of trade。deficit。passive balance。 unfavorable balance of...

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  9. ...the two products, however, were either favorable in both cases or unfavorable in both. Thus, the design of the experiment consisted of one within-subject...

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  10. ... by him to still make people love and respect in the sea have unfavorable and many Deng he is headmaster now Huo GeHua too. ...

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