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  1. ... don't think you practice enough. 不過美式英文裡面好似verb同noun都係用 practise 2007-05-22 22:28:33 補充: typing mistake...should be 'I don t think you practise enough&#39...

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  2. 在開始之前實踐新聞類型柱狀讀書鍛煉, 使用一個統治者或其它直尺追蹤一條稀薄的線在幾個專欄下的垂直的中心。然後做您的眼睛跟隨線向下如同您試圖看所有詞在任何一方的中心沒有左右運動。

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  3. 在開始之前實踐新聞類型柱狀讀書鍛煉,使用一個統治者或其他直尺追蹤一條稀薄的線在幾個專欄下的垂直的中心。 然後做您的眼睛跟隨線向下,您試圖看所有詞在中心的每一邊---沒有左右運動。

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  4. This sounds very chinese to me. In a professional essay /report people don't write like this in English.How about u write in chinese & I'll try to translate it into English for u. e-mail me if u like,

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  5. No matter what, since this is intentional killing, it is murder. The murderer should be sentenced to death penalty or life imprisonment. Why do you ask this ? 2012-03-28 13:43:53 補充: In a society of law and order, killing can only be done under the...

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  6. ...39;m free, I like reading books, watching TV or practising my piano scale. Playing piano makes me feel relaxed...

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  7. ...body. Those who enjoy hot yoga and appreciate its benefits can practice this type of yoga once a day for an hour to an hour and a half without negative effects...

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  8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Dietary practices ): Type of Italian cooking with rice and green onions into speculation...

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  9. I asked a pro, she said it's around band 4-4.5 in ILETS. Not too good, you better practise more.

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  10. only, but waste my time as well. Thus I decided to practice at home, now my daughter and myself design various types of styles every week. Manicure is an interesting...

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