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  1. ...例如: 鍵入, MS 辦公室、網際網路應用、英語和Interantional 商業 Practice ..and 那麼。特別是我是非常對文字商業函件感興趣"並且知道整體規程關於...

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  2. ...將在以後的章節裡定義並且說明每種類型的反應。 2007-10-27 12:37:23 補充: practicing chemists practicing 意思是"正在執業的",所以翻譯成"...

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  3. ...contrary, however, I would rather hardly suggest that you had better practice some sentences with respect to skill of news report.

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  4. ...learner who will not just sit and take notes from the teacher without prodcuing or practice the language activly by themselves. (Here is so information about...

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  5. 1 The predominant religion is Protestantism (a branch of Christianity). Other religions includes Catholics, Muslim.. etc. Examples of Christian holidays are Easter...

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  6. 1.A typist has to type ( as quickly as possible). 2.Ateacher has to be(as calm as possible ). 3... to be ( as caring as possible). 10.A soccer player has to practice ( as often as possible).

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  7. ...can fullly understand your meaning. What you lack now is practice and speak out .... My suggestions are: 1) If you...

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  8. 毫無疑問,有些人的個性與工藝家是不同的,經由練習的力量,他們變成聰明又完美的工作者及表演者,當然這是不能輕率地分配他們進入這類工作中。 如果operator 是大寫 可能是想強調藝術工作者吧 (這是我猜想的!)

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  9. ... have suggested, try getting a friend to practice together. It's the cheapest and more effective...and reading aloud your answers while you type them out. Another more expensive method ...

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  10. 一小時內 Angelo原來可看4位病患. 每位病患平均花15分鐘. 但他若自己打 1500字報告, 必須花30分鐘. (1500/50 =30) 所以每位病患花了 45鐘. 每小時只能看1.333位病患, 他損失 2.666位病患. 機會成本(Opportunity Cost) = 33% ( 1.33/4)

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