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  1. I used to have a catholic taste for women, but now, she is my only type of taste..她是我佳哲的最愛.

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  2. 尋求:尋找探求;追求。 《後漢書.方術傳下.郭玉》:「弟子程高尋求積年翁乃授之。」 《朱子語類》卷七三:「看《易》不當更去卦爻中尋求道理。」 「循」是遵守、依照、沿襲的意思。 「尋」是尋找的意思。 【循求】的出處在法務部的公文書:大法官會議的解釋用【循求】,釋憲用...

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  3. ... used with phrases and clauses on --to do something type sentence pattern:- eg:- to do something =to ask for =to establish It did occur...

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  4. ...'s not a cat. 那不是貓 也常常發生 不是單數就一定要把a寫出來嗎? type of, sort of, kind of 後面可有可無,除非是當副詞,詳細參考參考資料3

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  5. was beastly (=Beauty and the Beast story- type ); a person who behaves badly.蓄牲生活男人to ?

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  6. The 93.12.23 true genuine explanation:- The type of Form Test Report to be eligible for (A)RPC applicant ; Or (B)Production Plant owner.

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  7. ..., could you do just like the enclosed picture to bundle this two types of seams together before shipping. 附檔是我們採購的藍色線與白色線...

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  8. ...=&city=&state=NV&age=&gender=&theme=& type =&qLocation=false&qRelatives=false&qOver30=true...

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  9. To book this type room, does it give us the right to use the executive lounge?

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