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  1. 2m injection moulded nano-fibre reinforced polymer. 兩米射出成型的奈米纖維強化聚合物。 Design enables use of turbine in turbulent air flows. 設計讓渦輪能夠在亂流氣流中使用。 供您參考!

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  2. ...其中一句提到Then he had a bad year in 1997, what with his turbulent relationship with comedic actress Brooke Shiels and all. He ...

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  3. ...curve of fixed-speed, passive stall, small horizontal axis wind turbines from turbulent field data. 本研究的意旨在於從紊流場數據中,評估出定速、被動失速,以及...

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  4. Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Hydrogen-Oxygen Reacting Flow 紊流氫氧反應流的直接數値模擬

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  5. ... the first time I travelled by plane and we met the turbulent flow. Its really scary. v: Its very normal that aeroplanes meet...

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  6. 暗潮洶湧 The undercurrent is turbulent . Still waters run deep. 直譯為靜水流深,有深藏不露之意。似與暗潮洶湧有所不同。

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  7. ...see working together the wind and the sea one invisible with the one visible turbulent waves carves the shore what will I be in the human sea by wind...

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  8. ...a new job. 她在被迫閒散了一段時間之後找到新工作 a slack period蕭條期, a turbulent period動盪時期 period:(n)時期,期間,時代,課堂,週期,經期(月經)

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  9. ... thinking on what it takes to succeed in an increasingly complex, turbulent and interdependent global enconomy! 請來與我們交流問題、分享激發思考的論點。這將...

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  10. ...區 Ladies and gentlemen : We will be passing through turbulent air.For your safety,please remain seated and fasten your...

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