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  1. ... you have dialed is currently unavailable/ not available. Please try again later . 2) The number you have dialed can not be reached...

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  2. Bandwith = 帶寬 = 带宽通常指信号所占据的频带宽度;在被用来描述信道时,带宽是指能够有效通过该信道的信号的最大频带宽度。 ***** 全句指 : 對不起, 你已超 越帶寬限制, 請遲些再試. . 2008-01-27 14:11:18 補充: ******** 100 % correct *************.

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  3. 因保安理由, 您的戶口已經暫停使用. 請稍後再試. 如果您繼續遇上問題, 請留意我們的意見表格.

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  4. ...45 補充: 5.This functionality is currently not available. Please try again later . 此功能現時不能使用, 請稍後再試. 2007-04-27 01:20:20 補充: 6.We...

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  5. 5. 這種功能當前不是可利用的。請嘗試再以後。6. 我們當前執行站點維護。當一些站點的作用-- 譬如評論錄影, 錄影向上作用的負載, 和新用戶註冊-- 臨時地是殘疾的, YouTube 站點的基本是可利用的。7. YouTube 接受定期維護, 開始大約下午10:00 PDT 。

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  6. 5. 此功能暫時無效. 請稍后再試. 6. 我們現正進行系統維修. 部分功能 -- 如對視像作出評價, 上載視像, 及新用户注冊等, 將暫停使用, 但 YouTube 的網頁基本功能則如常作業.

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  7. I am afraid the line that you are calling is engaged. This is the main switchboard, please try again later .May I know whom are you looking for? In which department?

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  8. I really want to know who said that? I always microwave my lunch and dinner, and everyday have vegetable! I think is not the vegetable itself has poison. I think it might be the mircowave, whenever you reheat the food, that is not heatlh already! Please don...

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  9. I'm trying to make it simple, there are some problem in the sentance structure...a heavier penalty could stop them from being late again . Whoever late to school will be sent to the library...

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  10. ... Lee warn the children not to be late again . 15.They have never knew him to...before. 16.Uncle encourages me to try again . 17.Please remind the students to...

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