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  1. I have treated every of my expression and comment about me with utmost sincerity and truthfulness 。 我已字字斟酌,且盡最大的誠意和懇切來自我評斷。

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  2. ... preaching, her arguments......whatsoever,you put the truthfulness in them more or less. You wouln't buy her theory if you...

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  3. (印度國父= =,老兄你的insert name of country把我弄傻了一陣子) 如果我有機會旅行到過去,並遇見一個人的話,那個人無疑的會是Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi以"我們國家的父親"這個稱號為人所熟知。因為他,印度成功的從英國手上...

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  4. ...也許是拜拜過的蛋糕...I can attest only to the correctness of the sentence; not the truthfulness of it.

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  5. ...い mi kansei datte kamawanai 本気 奏で たいんだ honki kanade tainda 届け  truthfulness todoke やっと 逢え た ね、これ が TREASURE Heart ...

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  6. 可以這樣來理解: "信仰之所以基本乃在於它們從來不是建基於最終的真實性。"換句話說,信仰的本身就是最基本的要件,其存在並不是基於一個先決條件:它們的內容總有一天能被證實。

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  7. The truth/reality/sincerity/ truthfulness under the mask. truth/reality/sincerity/ truthfulness 都可以當真實的意思 但意義稍有不同 希望幫到 歡迎補充發問

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  8. ... ,and they will be learn generosity. 7 Let children grow with truthfulness ,and they will be learn honesty. 8 Let children grow with kindness...

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  10. ...have the love you need to live 你可以擁有你需要的愛 But if you look for truthfulness 但如果你在尋找『忠實』 You might just as well be blind 你大概是眼睛...

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