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  1. ...people are superstitious about death at sea. 許多人對在海上遇難存有迷信。 4. tremendously They cost a tremendous amount of money. 他們花去了一大筆錢。 5. reliable...

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  2. Glad to offer help, if that's not " tremendously " long to correct your autobiography! 圖片參考:

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  3. As freight charges has gone up tremendously , please add 5% to our ex-factory prices for airfreight to Taipei...

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  4. ...environment. The greatly enjoyable teaching method used in the classroom tremendously encouraged my interest in reading.

  5. ... and the quality of the teaching has improved tremendously for the past many years. 希望對你有幫助!

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  6. ... and family to brag my advanture. I enjoyed it tremendously . I left my heart there.

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  7. ...both of us. I may not meet your expectation or the chance is tremendously low, but I have to seize it. You would do the same thing if you ...

  8. ...人興奮」(Turns me on)、 「非常快樂」(Makes me tremendously happy)「欣喜若狂」(Overly excited response to good news...

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  9. ...only delaying and delaying. That lets me down tremendously . I wonder if this is what you call "credit" and "integrity"...

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