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  1. 從 進去後 在下面一各 Translate a Web page 的選項 輸入 再按 select from and to languages (選 english to chinese -simp) 他就會幫你接到可以下載的畫面了

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  2. ...網址: translate /text.html 站名:Excite... chinese / 可中文、英文、日文、韓文...驚奇的發現喔 只要將選項設定在 English to Traditional Chinese ...

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  3. ...understand English therefore to spend a time also to ask the friend to help me to translate English , I only then understand you saying:] You knew that I...

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  4. ...: M.I.A. – Paper Planes English to Chinese Lyrics Translations by Meowwwwwww

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