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  1. 「想吃就吃!我看放八百年,毛毛早忘了。」我說。 I said, "Eat it if you want! I think it's been there for eons, Maomao must have forgotten about it." 那同學就把粽子扔進旁邊的微波爐,接著飄出粽葉的味道。 That...

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  2. ...2007-06-29 15:20:18 補充: 線上翻譯這一個也不錯... translate / 選【 English to Chinese 】 再選【Traditional Chinese 】

  3. want and go for it. 決定你想要的然後努力爭取它. Don't forget to do good deeds as you accumulate wealth 當你累積了財富, 別忘了做好事...

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  4. ... sentence. According to the whole English dictionary, a "inverted" sentence...inn , and the death the journey's end. * translated into: 這世界若是個旅館,死亡則是旅程...

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  5. ... and I have my Chinese version ready, just need to translate from English to Chinese (??? Are you sure?), is there any volunteer? Please give me...

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  6. bidet toilet 免治馬桶 pre-construction estate 預售屋 hangman 猜字遊戲 如果你的SPOT 是個人或寵物的話 那就是"我已經把SPOT帶去隔壁了"

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  7. ...choose to take a simple and informal way to translate it. For example, When it would piss you off! This chinese sentence is NOT a formal one, so the english we are using have no need...

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  8. "中翻英"→也可以說 漢語翻譯對英語 所以 Chinese translate to English 是對ㄉ! "翻譯填充"→翻譯和填裝空白 Translate and fill in the blanks業是對ㄉ! 恭喜你啦!登登登登!!哈哈! 希望友邦到你

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  9. ...make connection between you and English . You shall train yourself to understand English like Chinese without translating Chinese into other language. 2012-09-18 22:06:54 補充: Per ...

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  10. Why I Am Thankful To Be Me? 從字面上看來 為什麼 我會 感謝 做 我 稍作修飾----> 為什麼我會為做自己而感恩 為什麼我會感謝做我自己

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