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  1. ... translation of one sentence grammatically into another language is to translate something, eg:- a sentence from English into French. It ...

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  2. 麻煩給我一杯沒有冰塊的水 : 氷を入れずに水を1杯 麻煩給我一個空杯子  :空のコップを麻煩給我一杯熱水 お湯を1杯ください。google translate 可以聽怎樣讀 (copy上面日文就可以了)

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  3. Japanese are not good in English. To translate something from J/E to give the meaning of "drama" ...

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  4. ... for Rey Constitucional de España and translates as "Constitutional King of Spain". 

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  5. 誰可以幫忙我翻譯以下這段意思相近就好。 Who can translate the following passage for me?  It does not need to be super...

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