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  1. I made a reservation for a room, could you please kindly confirm it? Thanks. 2015-02-06 07:51:48 補充: 圖片參考:

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  2. the bus is leaving in ten minutes 巴士再十分鐘就要出發了. the bus leaves every hour on the hour 這部巴士每小時整點發車.(也就是每小時一班,整點出發) 希望有幫助

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  3. 1- I have ever experienced (這簡單) 我所曾經經歷過的(the purest form of affection 最純真形態的關愛) 2- No hindrance or distance can ever mere it hindrance (n) - hinder (v) 阻撓 mere (n) - boundary (n) 界限,把mere動詞化了,連字典中都沒有這種用法

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  4. If we found our self attractive and . have ever cost to be lover 解釋如下; 1 要是 咱們志同道合鼓勵多, 那更不惜代價擁有它. 2 真的 情同意合戀無盡 , 我倆極盼珍惜它. 3 如果 魅力相隨討歡心 , 你我更要品味它. have ever cost [不惜代價 ] 之意

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  5. privacy policy 隱私權政策 Ex: Our privacy policy is to protect our customers.

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  6. 提供一個比較不一樣的譯法: That “politics chatterbox” is here again. He is one of the members of XXX’s supporter club. He even went on hunger strike for two meals for XXX’s defeat at the last campaign. Since he...

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  7. 1.當2月2日,在加利福尼亞州最高法院同意開庭審理第8號提案中憲法上之爭議後,同性婚姻倡導者均歡欣鼓舞, 在11月4日投票的結果,扭轉了法院先前的決定給予男同性戀及女同性戀婚姻的權利.雙方共募集了破紀錄的八千三百萬美元資金準備投票。在3月5日聽證會也將說明18,000個在8號提案獲得...

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  8. 在毛伊夏威夷海島, 當地戰士浸洗了矛在致死的潮汐水池珊瑚; 敵人屈服了如果他們非常是依照被刻痕。

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  9. (有的,我只是沒有詳細寫出來) 還是這樣翻譯對嗎-->Yes, I just did not write it in detail Yes, I did it but I didn't write down the detail. ( better) 謹供參考, 謝謝! ..../\„,„/\ ...( =';'= ) .../**..** \ .(.|.|..|.|.I...

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  10. 1.The Android system has attracted interest quickly, and it now has the number one ranking among smartphone platforms in the US , holding a 31.2 percent market share. Android系統很快的就吸引了大家的興趣﹐目前它...

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