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  1. ...when we speak English, we should consider what would they say instead of directly translating from Chinese.

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  2. 這個畢業計劃書對我來說是真正的挑戰和帶來挫敗感,能完成它確實是一個難忘的體驗。從搜集資料到寫作論文,每個步驟對我來說都很陌生,我很害怕會出錯,實在令我有不安的感覺。我開始懷疑自己的能力,自信心更逐漸消失。幸而得到老師們鼓勵和各同學的分享,我逐漸掌握到計劃的...

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  3. Masato means 雅人 That's a boy's name in Japanese

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  4. Translate to English 我現在是和我的父母一起居住,而且所有支出也是均由我...

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  5. Hi, thanks for dropping by and we really had a good time. When it comes to age, you may be surprised to find out that I am in fact slightly older than Miss Ayumu. But I think I am as...

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  6. Thank you again that your company granted me the chance for the interview.

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  7. If you want to say that to a friend or classmate, when chatting in english in real life, nobody really say it as they write it, instead, you would say: a:我想知你d成績呀。 >>What did you get? (since you are in that situation, the other person should already know that you're...

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  8. 老師可在特別情況下,例如畢業典禮退休或離職時收同學的禮物。 Teachers are allowed to accept gratuties from students under special events, such as graduation ceremony, retirement or resignation. 收受捐贈者的禮物會對學校構成人情虧欠 To...

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  9. Never try to pursuit any right that one cannot control, never try to pursuit a love affair that does not belong to oneself, never try to change an unchangeable fact. Life is too short, so live it gracefully and happily. Try to feel it with your heart, and enjoy it...

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  10. Don't worry! We promise we will not go to your company.

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