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  1. ‘Granted’ 單獨一個字可以解 ‘不錯’、‘我承認’, 屬 verb, 同義詞有 'admit'、'concede'、'accept'、'agree' 等。 不過, ‘granted’ 用於問題那句子是另外一解法、另一part of speech。在 “Students who attended a tough military...

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  2. 你可以說: Do you have change in twenty-dollar notes for a hundred-dollar note? 其實【征服英語】也曾提過,你可參考:

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  3. No Trichomonas and Monilia noted some epithelial cells and a few pus cells with some Gram positive bacilli and a few Gram Negative bacili seen 無發現有陰道滴蟲, 而可見有念珠球菌及少數膿細胞含有些...

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  4. 本当に日本人? 真的是日本人嗎? 字はすごく奇麗に書けてるけど、(應該是書いてる吧) 雖然字寫得很漂亮, 文を読んでいるとどう見ても外国人にしか思えないんですが… 看過文句之後怎樣看都覺得是外國人... 漢字の読み方は間違っているし、 漢字的讀音也弄錯了, 「だよ」の使い方が...

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  5. Because sends the color amount to be few, I presently proposed money will put 1500 in the next time six gathers the color to make persistent efforts If will want to send the color to concentrate the next time six to gather the color once more, please in front of 6:00...

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  6. 順帶一提, (配音的)是白石涼子。 不過, 在しゅごキャラ!(港譯:守護甜心)的動畫中...並沒有出現...吧?!

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  7. If you want to say that to a friend or classmate, when chatting in english in real life, nobody really say it as they write it, instead, you would say: a:我想知你d成績呀。 >>What did you get? (since you are in that situation, the other person should already know that you're...

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  8. Thank you again that your company granted me the chance for the interview.

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  9. ... must be put in order to learn, half is translate , the rest is on you , there is no free lunch )