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  1. ... you lies a very tranquil ocean. Sail there and you will feel the tranquility . Life should not be about just ideas and thoughts. Life...

  2. It's me who destruct the balance between us. 以上這句是直接翻譯,如要要求意象更鮮明, 我建議以下翻法: It's me who rippled the tranquility between us. 是我讚我倆之間的平靜激起漣漪。

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  3. ... innocent. Devotion pains - without it, lives abound in tranquility . But, with them, my eyes flicker in colors. 2014...

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  4. 我相信一般正常的公司在你殘廢前~主要還是看你的工作能力..出勤狀況為主要評斷考量~~~ 除非公司本來就不想要你,你今天出意外當然可以順理成章要你走路 1.病停時賠了20幾萬是指公司賠了你嗎???你寫的不是很清楚依文意推敲是表示你是自己生病便殘疾還是因為上下班工作因素職災呢...

  5. ...large number will definitely create environmental problems, interrupt the local tranquility , and increase the crimes ( or crime rate).

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  6. ...only to my personal pleasure but also to bring about the convenience, the simplicity, and tranquility to the life of the general public.

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  7. ...中國電視公司播出‧1977) 《芍藥畫譜》(水云齋‧1980) 《Th ReaI Tranquility (英文版錄影帶)》(紐約圣若望大學‧1981) 《春之頒(印刷冊頁)》(紐約...

  8. ...routine:-) 2013-02-07 00:57:45 補充: 勘誤:最後一組字應該是Tranquil/ Tranquility 才對。謝謝Panda的細心。

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  9. 我個人比較偏向力金或是旋律金屬 不知以下幾團板大廳過沒 Firewind - Glorious Firewind - No Heroes No Sinners

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  10. The Arcane Order / In the Wake Of Collisions 這張傑笙唱片有 Omnium Gatherum / Spirits And August Light 這張搖滾...

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