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  1. 通常有問號方塊代表材質包跟Optifine 衝突。 你可以先卸載optifine 看看!

  2. 1. 王子先生 醬子好奇?怎不知道 你的中語裡面 也有如此的用法: 離火車站不遠處 坐落著 星光公園... 其實應該(被)寫成 "星光公園 坐落在 離火車站不遠處..." 是 王子先生 學英語 太專心 竟然 把 自己的母語 給 忘記了? 2. 王子先生 好奇的是 其中lies的用法 因為lie當動詞時通常是用lie...

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  3. ... afternoon, she was so kind to pick me up from (THE what? TRAIN ) station . The next day was a rainy day, so we played card games...

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  4. (1)A considered (2)A hadn't left---->wouldn't have missed (3)D in (4)C increase (5)B since (6)C around (7)A past participle (8)C extensive (9)C After (10)B driving, gerund

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  5. ... will have finished his work by six o'clock. The train will have left before we reach the station . 畫線的部分提供未來的時間點,如果是副詞子句,其動詞用「現在簡單式...

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  6. ...often does Benny get on the Net? We have a lot of train in Keelung. There is a lot of snow in New ...

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  7. ... English,指電視機) I took the tube then the train and came straight here. He travelled by tube. 這裡的tube是英國...

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  8. ...not to continue worsen. 3. He spent ten minutes getting to the train station . 4. We like to make friends with people who have sense of humor.

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  9. 長野有穗高好像無穗安 名鐵名古屋map train / station _info/line01/ station /__icsFiles/afieldfile/2014/03/15/nagoya110215.gif 抵地下二樓 上到地下一樓出名鐵票匣 再上到地面層循指標到JR名古屋 很容易約走10分