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  1. He is really a tough guy ; he takes no prisoner. 他很嚴格, 手下絕不留情. 這是我聽老美形容他們...prisoner指的是戰爭時不收戰俘, 抓到全部殺死的意思, 也就是說夠狠.  老美常用 tough 來形容一件事情的困難或是一個人的強硬態度, 例如, "Today ...

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  2. ...! Cause she is watchin wrestling Creamin over tough guys Listenin to rap metal Turntables in her eyes ...

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  3. ...了 endure (忍受) / able to withstand 的意思,for instance: 'He is a tough guy to beat' 和 'He is a sturdy guy to beat' 意思有別...

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  4. 猛男=硬漢英文= tough guy (My nickname is tough guy ! =我的綽號叫猛男/硬漢)明天就跟老師嗆回去 , 保證老師對你刮目相看 呵~ ^^你也可以說(iron man=鐵人/鐵漢!) ◎還是好好說好嚕 別跟老師嗆~ ^^

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  5. ...正面對寒冬 2. 強壯、堅固、有決心、不屈不撓之意: - My dad is a tough guy ! 我爹是個硬漢! - Children’s shoes need to be tough . 童鞋得要堅固...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2010年05月26日

  6. Tough guy 或 The duantless 應該會pass吧

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  7. ... via ground balls. "To me, he s one of the toughest guys we ve faced all year," said A s second baseman ...

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  8. 是中翻英嗎﹖鐵漢柔情 Tough Guy ’s Tender Loving Care 圖片參考:

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  9. a cockroach that you cannot get rid of 一隻蟑螂讓你很難擺脫 a tough guy just like a cockroach 一個人強的跟蟑螂一樣 a cockroach never dying 一隻永遠都不死的蟑螂 看你喜歡哪一個 >>> 好康資訊

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  10. ...堅強: Strong, tough Be strong, so you can make it. Try to be a tough guy therefore you will win. 獨立:independent When you are 18 or above, you...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2012年08月08日

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