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  1. Yes, to bring out the main melody with a singing tone is of utmost importance in piano playing. 触感 touch helps one to bring out a proper singing tone. i.e.Cantabile playing.

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  2. I think the webstie below is easier to read than the others: touch -time2345.htm The other two is too cold and gloomy because it has snowflakes.

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  3. Q1 電子琴同鋼琴個 touching ,音色完全唔同,彈得多對學琴百害而無一利,嚴格d講一級都唔得,建議去...

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  4. 那首歌是諾珉宇唱的OST, 名字叫 "You can touch " , 應該會收錄在OST專輯裡!!!

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  5. ....O.V.E, boyfriend Cascada-Everytime we touch , Miracle, Truely Deeply Madly, a never ending...

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  6. touch -love-%EC%9C%A4%EB%AF%B8%EB%...

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  7. ... night is over Another day is dawning Touch me It's so easy to leave me All alone...

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  8. ... part to be slightly more prominent than the upper. 9. A study in staccato touch , repeated notes, and observance of rests 10. A study in...

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  9. 上呢個試

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  10. ... this folk musical form and brought his own transforming touch to it.

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