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  1. Registry = 寶鑑 2007-01-11 13:17:51 補充: 用plural form會好d registries 2007-01-11 13:18:28 補充: registry既plural form係 registries

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  2. 見你咁趕就幫下你手喇 ^.^. (1) what is the brand i feel good about? 麥當奴 McDonald's (2) what are the reasons i feel good about the brand? a.對於經常出外用餐的人﹐一餐只需要HK$20就能填飽肚﹐實在又經濟又方便 For people who eat out all the time, a meal of...

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  3. Roof- top pool = 屋頂 (天台)泳池. fitness room = 健身室 foyer tend = 休息間. ....註: 通常並非房間, 而是建在室外的帳篷.

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  4. 1Please confirm if there is meetings of ABC Company held? 2. Please confirm if there is any meting will be held in ABC Company? 首先第一句,睇落去怪怪的因為個HELD,因為成句主要...

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  5. 個人意見 又白又細 形容 蘿蔔絲 比較貼設 故此, 我選 媽媽用那刀不斷地切出又白又細的蘿蔔絲。

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  6. My ideal school uniform My ideal school uniform is one which is made of very good material. It should be a master piece by a famous designer. It requires no ironing and never get wrinkled. The school badge should be a nice embroidery...

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  7. Leeds United are now level with Arsenal at the top of the league table. Leeds United 隊在比賽排名表上「與」...

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  8. You can ring the wholesaler asking their retailers' information

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  9. top marks - 高分,即係讚政府做得好 effective - adj. 解有效果,加 ness 變成...

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  10. blow one's top 的意思是(變得非常憤怒)(Cambridge Dictionary online就有以下的解釋:to become extremely angry. 如: My father will blow his top when he sees what happened to the car. (當他看到車的樣子,我...

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