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  1. Tolerant is a kind of moral excellence , forgives others kindly ...

  2. Q.Has Canada always been a tolerant society?現在是 可是以前呢? 在移民剛開始時? A.第一件事...某年秋天的...

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  3. Effects of biotechnology on biodiversity : herbicide- tolerant and insect-resistant GM crops 生物科技使用對物種多樣化的影響:抗...

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  4. # Expect the best and do your best. 期望最好的 並全力以赴 # Be patient and tolerant toward others. 要有耐心 並容納(忍 ) 他人

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  5. She is a master of driving even the most tolerant person insane. 她是個連容忍度最好的人都會被她搞到抓狂的專家 a master of xxx = xxx的專家 drive(driving)………insane = ………被搞到抓狂(發瘋) the most tolerant person = 容忍度最好的人

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  6. ...general can be divided into two groups: shade- tolerant species and shade-intolerant species. 一般來說... example, eastern hemlock seedlings are shade- tolerant . 舉個例子:東部鐵杉苗就是耐蔭性植物。 They...

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  7. 1. His honest and tolerant personality, and the fact that he is Daisy Buchanan s cousin...

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  8. ...terror, and that s appropriate," he said. "But why should we be so tolerant of risk where the future habitability of our planet is concerned...

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  9. You should act more tolerant toward her instead of getting mad at her. 出乎意料: unpredictable... 又悲又喜: feel happy and sad simutaneously ( at the same time)

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  10. 當作標語式,祈使句,來翻譯 1:無條件忍耐,無限度服從! Be tolerant unconditionally. Be obedient by all means. 2:永遠忠貞 Be loyal forever. 3:寧願榮耀而死不願苟且偷生 Better die gloriously than live in shame.

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