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  1. 前面主詞是許多複數 所以後面用的動詞gather, 而 gather together to Vr(原形動詞) 加原形動詞...所以用 throw ※ throw a party = hold a party = host a party (辦場派對) 這裡辦很多派對就不加上 a /the 所以用 throw parties

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  2. ... for throwing me a birthday warm-up party . 開 Party 要說 throw a party 喔 ^_____^ 2010-07-27 01:16:04 補充: 上述說法都有相對應的網頁供參考喔...

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  3. 1.My best friend will threw a party in celebration of her birthdayMy best friend will host a party ...

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  4. ...2. In order to celebrate Tom's birthday , we decide to throw a party for him. (為了要慶祝Tom的生日,我們決定為他辦個派對...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2008年08月31日

  5. ...for all the hard works that you guys have done~~ We will throw a small birthday party after the weekly meeting around three-thirty pm tomorrow. The birthday people...

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  6. ... time realized it. Therefore, we decided to throw a party to celebrate our birthday together at her home. On that very day, she...

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  7. throw 在此翻成"舉行"(口語) 你仍在討論在接下來的幾週內辦個 party 來慶祝學期末的到來.

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  8. ... one's computer       throw   a  birthday  party      rain heavily 原文: 當我正在玩電腦時...

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  9. open 不行哦,這會變成Chinese English. party 可以搭配的動詞,除了你列舉的have跟give之外,還可以用 throw : We threw a party to welcome our new manager. 也可以用arrange: They plan to arrange a party this weekend.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2006年12月23日

  10. threw 在此有舉行的意思 At a party you threw for your friends recently意思是指 你前一陣子為了朋友舉辦了一個 party

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