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  1. ...weekend"或任何你要表達的日子/時間是一組(   ),用 through 的含意是表達()到了這邊,()中間的東西不會交代或不太...plane crash. ... 他康復過程中的情緒波動就像過山車一般 throughout :"過程" / 另一個物理性用法"由始至終全程...

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  2. ...加在 she got之前 成為 The poor tabby, was very meek and mild through all the bad treatment that she got. she got形容all the bad treatmen 整...

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  3. 直譯: 單說話而沒有意圖和實踐執行到底是沒有意義的。 意譯: 隨便說說而沒想過要做得到的話是沒意義的。

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  4. 彈劾一個我曾與之同甘共苦的人,著實讓我感到痛苦。

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  5. ...eligible for import and export, by setting up an associated usurp database through Access to find out whether the following 590 companies have...

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  6. So I believe the best way to get across the desert 這一大段 是名詞子句 當主詞 是這個句子的主詞 will be是這個句子的動詞

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  7. ...cyclone gets its energy from water, getting nearby and passing through the islands of the Philippines changes tropical ...

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  8. ...是One of the big trees had been partly chopped through 句2是standing beside it was a man made entirely of tin. 那with...

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  9. It is different than typical. It means that the air will run through the cabin air filter first. Then the air will come out from the front air vents.