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  1. ...晚間保養系列的最後一步驟使用。 Apply walnut-sized amount and spread thoroughly over your face working outwards from your T-zone to the...

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  2. ...superficial way to reform the education system and they can t figure out the real effective way to thoroughly improve our education system.

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  3. Use: Dissolves on thoroughly the face the cosmetics, after the emulsification, can the unnecessary sebum elimination, simultaneously restore protective film of the natural water.

  4. ...spicy pouch. 豬腳要滷的透爛才好吃 To be delicious, Pig knuckle must be thoroughly simmered. 每個人的喜好不同 但是 滷豬腳往往越燉越好吃 Preference...

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  5. ...person's head=說得使對方聽不懂 If you talk something over, you discuss a thoroughly and honestly. He always talked things over with his ...

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  6. ... distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other s worth. {句首第一個字母要大寫; throughly更正為 thoroughly ...

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  7. ...pepper Method: 1 Mix all the stuffing ingredients thoroughly in a bowl, add some salt and pepper well mix for 5 min then set aside. 2. Making...

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  8. ...move a liquid or substance around, using a spoon or sth similar, in order to mix it thoroughly powerder--無此字

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  9. .../abandoned their dogs because they did not think thoroughly before adopting one. It is a very inhumane thing. Please...

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  10. 你可以參考看看~~~^^ The Ka Ka good amiability My sweet heart I wish to accompany you with you to go to die of old age So always always Thoroughly and together ** 譯言堂 **

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