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  1. ...either mental or physical; e.g. mature for her age. Mature (=ripe): Thoroughly matured, as by study or experience; e.g. (mature /ripe) judgment. Mature...

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  2. sibling to sibling (同父或同母的)兄弟姊妹對兄弟姊妹

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2011年10月18日

  3. ... Pronunciation –verb (used with object) 1. to wet thoroughly ; soak. 2. to saturate by immersion in a liquid; steep. 3. to cover or fill completely...

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  4. 不過,與線上作答相較,受到鼓勵(參與活動)的消費者以紙筆回函較可能做更詳盡的回答。

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  5. ...a book, dissertation, etc.) with references: Each new volume is thoroughly referenced. 13. to arrange (notes, data, etc.) for easy reference: ...

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  6. ...prefix meaning "out of," "from," and hence "utterly," " thoroughly ," and sometimes imparting a privative or negative force or indicating...

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  7. ...你如果要把thorough加到句子裏,可以: Have you thought this through thoroughly .但是through的 意思 已經很接近了,那樣寫多此一舉. 而且thought是動詞,後面若要用thorough的話...

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  8. 已於skype和你逐字翻譯,應該沒問題了.

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  9. 看看字典的解釋 know one's onions (slang) to know one's subject or business thoroughly ; be capable or proficient. ( 意思 就是對自己領域的事情了解十分透徹,也就是有能力的,專精的。

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  10. ... whole tomatoes were first washed and then thoroughly sorted and trimmed to remove any visible defects. The...

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