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  1. ... ft. Akon 曲名: Hypnotized 專輯: The Real Testament (2007年發行) 歌詞:http://www.metro

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  2. ... films are replete are no mere mannerism but rather a testament to the critical-historical cinema consciousness out of which the movement grew.(...

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  3. ... and the names applied to the beings in the Old Testament and to Messiah in the New Testament are ...

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  4. ... Century of establishment eptimose a significant achievement as well as a great testament to the company's continous strive for excellence and setting a benchmark...

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  5. ...feat. Akon 歌名:Hypnotized 專輯資訊:The Real Testament 2007 內有試聽 歌詞 這首歌也有收錄在 舞力開原聲帶 中

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  6. 聖經是Bible(或是Holy Bible),新約是The New Testament 2006-03-02 21:25:28 補充: Holy就是神聖的意思,表示尊敬

  7. ...vor dem Bösen. (Die Bibel: Altes und Neues Testament , 1980)

  8. Leah [ˈlɪə](女用) n (Christian Religious Writings / Bible) Old Testament the first wife of Jacob and elder sister of Rachel, his second wife (Genesis 29)

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  9. ...第2首 演唱:Plies (feat. Akon) 專輯:The Real Testament 歌名:Hypnotized 找參考資料的關鍵字! Plies (feat. Akon...

  10. ...without trying should take a long hard look on it. This is also a testament to the persistence and hard work.

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