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  1. ...terribly(副詞)是要強調 sorry ~~terribly副詞修飾 sorry 這個形容詞 (p.s.題目大概是打錯成 terrible ) 所以單純的抱歉(I'm sorry )加上個 terribly便升級成 我非常的抱歉,我十分的抱歉,我真的很抱歉etc.

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  2. ...]as [D]for 952 33.Lily:I am terrible sorry I was late for meeting. Woddy:__________ What ...

    分類:教育與參考 > 考試 2012年07月10日

  3. ... cargos in the soonest future.回信 : We feel terrible sorry for your PO No. 275.  But we can only release half amount...

  4. extremely sorry adj. 十二分抱歉 excuse me v. 抱歉 so sorry adj. 抱歉的很 refuse...regret; refuse with much regret v. 非常抱歉地謝絕 save the mark v. 真抱歉 very sorry vbl. 很對不起 sorry n. 對不起 let ~down; owe ~an apology v. 對不起

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年10月01日

  5. ...then apologized to him "Are you ok? I am terrible sorry . The floor is too slippery to walk on. It's all my...

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  6. ... student model. Due to the limited space, I am terrible sorry for this missing answers.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2009年01月11日

  7. 第一個重點就是了解菜單內容啦,不然客人點的東西都講不出來很糗。 其實room service 會用到的英文就跟餐廳差不多,例如送餐到門口要先敲門問:Excuse me, room service. May I come in? 進客人房間後詢問要放在哪裡? Where would you like me to set up the...

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  8. 因該是鍵盤壞了你的nb是哪一間的哪去送修霸 Shift失靈好像不行霸

  9. ...and you was smooching with my brother. [after pause] I m terrible sorry , sir, but I m afraid you re mistaken.  Don t give me...

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  10. ...使用時機 2013-08-12 14:54:55 補充: It was terrible that he had diarrhea.>>這句同樣可用於現在...感受 2013-08-12 15:00:33 補充: They are sorry that her arms were broken.>...

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  1. terrible sorry 相關