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  1. ...insertion at a time. 這句應與產品特性或專業性有關 ..... 因不知何物,故此句之 翻譯 恐會失真. 尤其 terminated 主要是中止或終止之意. 但依理應是完成成品 (complete), 除非對方要的工具是將要...

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  2. If ABC terminates this Agreement for cause (i.e., pursuant to subsection 1.2 above), ABC...

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  3. Connected to CIR emitter circuit and terminated per CIR transmitter requirements -->連接到CIR發送電路,且終止每一個CIR傳送要求。 (註:CIR可能是"消費性紅外線"的縮寫。)

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  4. 因為錯誤發生的關係,這程式就要被中止了.

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  5. ... terminating on May 7, 2013, your employment with University will terminate on March 31, 2013. 您的句子有一些瑕疵, 已為您訂正. 翻譯 : 僅覆閣下的近日請求, 本校同意縮短您的工作期限至2013.03.31, 亦即 閣下與校方...

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  6. ...交易行為 and each party reserves the right, in its sole discretion,to terminate the discussions contemplated by this agreement concerning...

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  7. ...通訊(Mobile Originated communication) 手機接收通訊(Mobile Terminated communication) 參考網址

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  8. ...在fail後面加上s,是錯誤的) During the probationary period, this company may terminate your employment on a 10-day advanced notice should your performance...

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  9. This program will be terminated beacuse an error occur 這個檔案夾即將關閉,因為他有錯誤產生。

  10. The original of this work as a trainee, he did not suited to this work, it will terminate the contract at the end of the internship, so the posts on the original establishment, a person needs to facilitate the import and export business.