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  1. ... merit, and gives praises. Second improves own temperament . Although I always thought from other person saw to many...

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  2. 給您參考: 建議您把“…must have patient, careful, enthusiastic personality, and a good temper…” 修飾成:“…must have patient, careful, and enthusiastic personality; as well as good temperament …”

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2010年03月01日

  3. 個性跟以前有一點點不太一樣..所以必須溝通 The temperament is changed from it was before; so more communication is in...

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  4. I am deeply attracted by your sensational temperament .

  5. 1.王老五.獨身主義者 2.性格多變的

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  6. ... others *BE knowing to see *Depart * Temperament *Infinite life *Empathy *Mercy heart *Leave...

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  7. 氣質有很多說法 例如: temperament , disposition 但都是要加形容詞修飾的 圖片參考:

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  8. 你看起來很有氣質! You have a nice temperament !

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  9. ... is the only company for the silent table The temperament of you is with distance but familiarYour hard-working figure...

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  10. ... like has the makings very much. 脾氣不太好 →The temperament not too good. 常做好笑的動作或聲音事情 →Often makes the funny...

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